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Palmer Cluff

First and foremost, welcome to my site! Technically I am a computer scientist, but most of my work goes into software engineering and web development. Aside from work, I'm either playing a retro game, or dabbling with old operating systems. My favorite operating system is Debian Linux. Some of my favorite open source projects are: RetroPie, QEMU, and These are some of the cool things I have accomplished!

  • A compiler for the programming language I created (my programming language is P++)
  • Web application to assist elementary school students with math homework
  • Developed a 4-bit microprocessor using Xilinx software and the Spartan FPGA
  • Android App for a roofing company
  • iOS App for a financial Tech comapny
  • Web chat application
  • Classroom response system
  • Eagle Scout
  • Fluency in Japanese
High School racquetball state champion
Returned from 2 years of volunteer work in Japan
Married my beautiful wife
Internship at ON Semiconductor
Graduated from Brigham Young University - Idaho
Worked at NetAngel LLC
Started work at Pathway Innovations and Technology (The HoverCam)
95% Web
80% Desktop
60% Mobile
30% Other

What I do

I'm a one-man show! I build from the ground up and improve what already exists!

Server Deployment

A website needs a server. My servers are dedicated and private. Don't choose another company that forces you to share your server's power with someone else!

Software Engineering

Don't do the same task over and over! Let's make something that saves you time and money! No live chat functionality? Well let's get it in there!

App Development

Mobile Apps are the new "in". Even if you don't need a brand new App for your business, most people use the "App" version of a website instead of their mobile browser. Get more page hits!

Web Development

Even if you already have a website, there is always a way we can make it better! It's important that your site both looks good and works correctly!

% of small businesses without a website

% of small businesses without a mobile-friendly website

% of small businesses lack in technical skills

My latest work

These are some of my most recent projects

Pink Elephant Hypnosis

Uniform across modern web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and even Internet Exporer 9 and up! semicombust

QEMU Images

A large set of free disk images that I have prepared that can be run in QEMU, VirtualBox, VMWare, and other emulators and hypervisors. Spin up your own embedded LAMP server, or just try out some different operating systems! See it here!

The pain of sacrifice lasts only one moment. It is the fear of the pain of sacrifice that makes you hesitate to do it.


Here are some videos you may find inspiring or useful

What Most Schools Don't Teach

SSH using Mac

SSH using Windows

Latest Blog Posts

I like writing about things that interest me. I hope they are interesting to you too!

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